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5 Ton 17 SEER R410A Ecoer Hight Energy Inverte Heat Pump System


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  • Free Temperature Controller
  • Free Electric heater
  • Free Multi-function screwdriver
  • Free UV Light (kill the germs in home and keeps your ductwork and Evaporator coils Clean. Kills all germs H1N1,Black Mold ,Green Mold, germs and viruses ETC.Keeps the kids healthy and in school.)

Product Description:

Why Ecoer
Good technology should make things easier! Good technology should service most of us not just few! Good Technology should offer people a peace in mind! That is what we believe in.

There’s nothing else like this
Like the fact that smartphone changed the mobile phone industry, Ecoer is the pioneer to change the HVAC industry for better. We are dedicated to offer you the benefits of Green and Smart.

Ecoer's ESI series Inverter Ducted Split Heat Pump System provide both cooling and heating function with the same system.
We provide the most innovational solution by offering 2 Outdoor unit, 4 Indoor unit for all applications.
Our Inverter installation will be easier than traditional fixed speed system.

Great value

  • Competitive initial investment.
  • Big saving on operation. 18 SEER is about 40% more efficiency compared with 10 SEER.
Smart service offers you Peace in mind
10 years limited service on parts and compressor with valid registration. Ecoer monitoring device (ESIG) and service (ESSS) offer you peace in mind.

With self-diagnostic technology and IoT technology, Ecoer smart inverter system is smart enough to
a) Assist contractor precisely charge the system and install the system right
b) Assist contractors do remote trouble shooting and resolve the problem faster
c) Send Alert in case of major components failure, services required
e) upgrade the latest software version to enjoy the best benefit

1st year Ecoer Smart Service (ESS) offered for free.

Outdoor unit model 18H-4860
Net Dimensions: 29.1" x 29.1" x 33.1" 
Weight: 192 LBs
Shipping Weight: 225 LBs
Indoor unit model GN1860-P1 ( Sand grey color)
Net Dimensions: 22"x54.5"x24"

Key Product Features​
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Variable Capacity Inverter System
  • (ESSS) ECOER Smart Service System *Included
  • Application Area: Up to 2500 Sq. Ft.
  • Btu/h: 54,000
  • SEER: 18
  • Compressor: 24 RLA / 58.1 LRA
  • Power: 208-230 V
  • Phase: 1
  • Hz: 60
  • Fan Motor: 1/3 HP / 2.5 FLA
  • Multi-speed ECM blower motor
  • Factory-installed TXV metering
  • Multi-position Installation
  • Multiple electrical entry locations
  • Two front panels for easy service
  • Horizontal and vertical drain pan pre-installed
  • Air Handler: 54.5″ H x 24″ W x 22″ D

The Most Innovative Residential Central Heat Pump System Available

Ultimate Comfort & Quiet
Up to 20 SEER/10.0 HSPF
Full DC Inverter with Smart 4G IoT connectivity technology
Easier than Fixed Speed System as to Installation & Maintenance

Make a smart greener choice - Save more, Cost less

Ecoer Inverter heat pumps deliver the precise amount of hot or cool air as is needed to achieve the desired temperature and no more. Thanks to a SEER rating up to 20, 10 HSPF and load self-learning controlling, the inverter heat pumps can reduce annual utility bills by up to 50% comparing with a 10 SEER system. Ecoer systems provide the greatest indoor comfort at the lowest possible price to our customers.



All sales are final. It is your responsibility to inspect the product before signing the receipt. Note down any damage on the bill of lading. Refuse the delivery if there is major damages to the product.

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5 Ton 17 SEER R410A Ecoer Hight Energy Inverte Heat Pump System


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