About US

OmarketO  is  a marketplace for buyers and sellers to come together and buy or sell almost anything! Whether you are a manufacturer or you're just starting your own e-commerce business, Omarketo provides an awesome platform  for you to display your  products and sell your  products  to a worldwide market with the lowest cost compared to other competitors such as eBay , amazon or jet.com. On the other hand , OmarketO is also a powerful tool for a smart buyer who can find great deals on just about anything. We guarantee price match on every single item we listed to ensure our buyer get the lowest price in the world  without shipping around .

On OmarketO , selling and  buying   is easy and it's fun. Every month , we will provide our seller a details  report , the report contains details analysis based on the data we collected from our  financial and marketing departments regarding our seller’s listing. It is a great tool for our seller to adjust the listing and find a better way to approach  our buyers In order to improve the sales. Besides just online listing, OmarketO also provide one-stop service to our sellers. The services cover: marketing study, listing price analysis, brand name establishment and registration, art work design, listing maintenance, billing and even warranty claim and product return service. In addition, our seller can utilize OmarketO ‘s own warehouse and shipping  service to minimize the logistics cost.  For our buyers, our 24-hour customer service team always be there to answer your question and resolve any claim before and after purchase.

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